What can you expect from MEGA CIM?

Being driven as an arrow by an arch in the hands of the brave in order to serve God with excellence, with authority, dominion and government.
A specialized training given by the Holy Spirit, who will manage to guide, develop and inspire leaders to train other men and women in leadership.

At the end of each CIM session, each man and woman of God comes out with a word of power and authority, revealed and implanted in the heart and an activation in their spirit for a better operation of their gift.

Our Commitment

MEGA CIM's commitment is to influence the new generations of leaders in all nations and to extend the Kingdom of God with the power of the Holy Spirit and that of the revealed Word to leave a legacy to future generations; Word that in these last times is being given to Pastors, Apostles, Prophets, and leaders in general, those who are connected with the heart of God and with what He wants to do in this time.
MEGA CIM and Pastor Hermán Davila seek to become an apostolic and prophetic voice, locally and throughout the world, with the Power of the Word of God and the anointing of the Holy Spirit of the living God.


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